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Fast food = junk food?
Today in America, fast food is being consumed every day and becoming a pop culture as more and more people eat fast food. Although there are some bad impressions about fast food, it gives people convenience and great advantages in their life. In fact, fast food is not a piece of junk but a convenient and useful source of life. Fast food is considered convenient food that is an essential source in today's life, because it is cheap, fast and easy to access, and even nutritious at times.
Fast food restaurants provide warm, fast-served food in such a low price. Because there are many fast food franchise restaurants, they offer competitive prices to their customers. According to MSN Money, fast food sales stay in consistency even in negative economic situations. Especially inexpensive meals recorded high growth while high-end restaurants’ sales decreased. Also, fast food cost-effectiveness indicates that fast food has low cost for high calories. For example, White Castle Cheeseburger Slyders cost 41 cents per 100 calories, which means White Castle Cheeseburger Slyders offer effective prices for high calories (Healey, 1). This indicates that fast food usually offers low cost compared to its high calories. Fast food restaurants make food so cheap, that they can afford to have a dollar or value menu, enabling people to have a whole meal for only a few bucks. Besides the low cost of fast food restaurants, the size of the portion is another big advantage; fast food restaurants offers high calories and huge portions for such cheap prices. With only a dollar bill, hungry customers can buy a value meal hamburger with a rich meat patty, soft ice cream cone, or a small bag of value-meal potato fries. If they are willing to...

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...nus to respond to customers comments. The 'new' fast food pop culture is very different from the past stereotypes that fast food is always bad. For example, some restaurants no longer serve foods with trans-fat, and many menus items consist of fruits and vegetables. It is important to make healthier choices to enjoy low-cost and nutritious fast food; decide the cooking method, customize your own food, and pick more healthy options. Try to balance fast food with other nutritious foods throughout the day and make healthier choices whenever possible. There are many healthy food choices that are easily available, tasty, and don't cost very much that can be eaten on the go. While some fast food may have negative affects like the typical concepts of fast food, it is our choice to be smart consumers and eat healthy while enjoying the benefits from the fast food culture.
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