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Fashion Trend Cycle Introduction Background The fashion apparel industry has significantly evolved, particularly within the last 20 years. The changing dynamics of the fashion industry have forced retailers to desire low cost and flexibility in design, quality, and speed to market, key strategies to maintain a profitable position in the increasingly demanding market. The fashion industry has seen significant changes since the 1990s with the introduction and emergence of a concept of ‘throwaway’ or fast fashion. Fast fashion had definitely have impacted industry from the supplier as well as a consumers’ perspective, and draws attention to several potential research issues. What is a Trend? “Trend can be defined as something new evolving, mostly leaning, with inclined line of growth. Hence fashion trend is the latest evolvement of the fashion industry” (, 2014). In & Out of Fashion Trend Reasonably priced fashionable clothing is a double-edged sword that makes it possible to buy fashionable looks at everyday budgets, at the same time leads to abolish the trend rapidly. However, when the market is completely saturated with a same repetitive trend it loses its appeal. So how we can assume that how long a fashion trend will last? Generally, most fashion trends last nearly one year, but some trends, usually the acceptable, last much longer. It is considered that normally fashion trends re-emerge nearly every twenty years. Hence, the minis skirts of the 80s are back in trends again. The key to assume that how long a trend will last depends on from when you bought the collection. If you bought when the knock-off or markdowns are going at retail store, then the count for the trend last not more one or two se... ... middle of paper ... ... will be able to benefit from understanding the historical continuity of design for their particular product offering. However, due to such implications, it had also given rise to fad products in the market to satisfy single utility of new experience for the consumers (Reed, 1987, pp. 52--62). Based on the research within the literature review, I was able to conclude that the rise of fast fashion had a significant impact on the fashion industry in terms or consumer’s purchasing behavior and how it affects the market. On top of that, the fast development in IT and technology had given rise to more informed consumers that affects the supply-demand within the market. In relation to my research, the literature review has helped me gain insight to whether fashion trend cycle is affected by the changes in consumer’s buying power and the development in IT and technology.
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