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Family Medicine Family medicine are doctor that provides basic health care to all the members of a family and patients, Family medicine treat and diagnose diseases and stop the immediate abnormal growth, family medicine care for all ages, sexes, each organ system. Family medicine also provides personal care for the individual in the community. Family medicine started in the 1800s, family medicine don’t have the proper health care the doctors only treat their patients in a small carriage or hunt houses. Doctors don’t have any training, some doctor learned family medicine as an apprentice working with other physicians and some doctors learned a small course and work at a workshop. There is no medical school, organized training and good facilities…show more content…
They care from twelve to twenty as the age limit. The medical PR actioner that specialize in this area is a pediatrician. Pediatrician manage medical conditions affecting babies, children and young people. Pediatrician and family medicine are doctor they both attend a college and medical school. Both have license to practice in hospital and some are board certified in their specialties. Pediatrician and family medicine doctor care for newborn baby, children and adolescent. They diagnose disease and Injury. Both doctor work at the hospital. They have the same skills and they have passion in their work. Family medicine works long hour than the pediatrician. They both have strengths to complete their task on a daily basis. (“Greenwood…show more content…
They stop medication when they realized that patient don’t it no more. Geriatric work so hard caring for the ages. It takes lot of time and dedication in caring for people around the world. Family medicine do so many aspects in caring for people. Everyday people give birth, people get sick, people get emergency and people die. Family medicine care foe for people in other to live long. They satisfy their patient give them what medication they need. The instrument using in family medicine are stethoscope, otoscope, reflex, sphygmomanometer, beam electric torch, stop watch, tongue depressor, weighing machine, ophthalmoscope. The stethoscope is used for listening the sound of patient body it has a disc shape that is placed on chest a tube that is connected to ear. It sometime use in listening to lung and the heart also the abdomen. The stethoscope is also used in measuring blood pressure, doctor used this a lot. It let the doctors knows what is wrong with the patient. What type of diseases the patient has? Stethoscope are used by all doctors who diagnosed diseased. It helps doctor knows what normal body blood people have. Family medicine used all this in patient. They also used it to check the women pregnancies and the fetus. There are types of stethoscope used by the doctor, the acoustic, electronic, fetal, And

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