Essay On Family As An Agent Of Socialization

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Agents of socialization play an important role in the sociological development of the children. There are different agents of socialization. Those are: family, friends, religion, classmates, neighborhood and mass media. Most influential among them are family and classmates. However, nowadays, mass media is also playing an important role as an agent of socialization. All of these agents of socialization are interconnected. An agent of socialization helps with the advancement transform by impacting the person. Socialization is “the social processes through which children develop an awareness of social norms and values and achieve a distinct sense of self” (Giddens 8). Socialization is taught through social norms, beliefs, values and traditions…show more content…
Family is viewed as the most essential agent of socialization. Socialization is very important while children are young. With the agents of socialization working towards developing the way a child will become an effective individual in society. Family is considered as the most influential agent of socialization as during childhood, a person is greatly attached with its family members. The socialization is defined as “The social processes through which children develop an awareness of societal norms and values and achieve a distinct sense of self” (Giddens 8). Having a family gives a man certain needs such love and support. Seeing that certain needs are made helps an adolescent social, physical, and passionate development for the general public. The part of a guardian is critical to impact the child 's improvement of the various agents. Figuring out how to be social could be a significant challenge for specific children who don 't have a family that didn 't help them addressed some of their issues as a baby or as a youthful…show more content…
For instance, in the media, typical pictures influence both the individual and the general public, making mass media the most disputable socialization operators (Parsons and Bales). One of the most prevalent examples of mass media would be in the shopping center throughout America. Shopping centers are loaded with commercials advertisements and consumed by mass media surrounding you at every angle. The media advertised in the mall touches with old and young and affects all levels of society. Nobody is safe from the influence of mass media that exist in shopping centers. Anybody and everybody interacting inside the mall is a result of the socialization process. While mass media is inside of each ad, garments store, toy store, arcade, music store, and so on, there is a sexual orientation favored subliminal message being sent. One example in the, book Introduction to Sociology was the way we buy clothing for either a boy or a girl baby based on social cues (Gibbens 7). The mass media was the one who original told us that baby girls wear pink and boys were blue. The media decided that blue was a masculine color and pink was a feminine color. We as a society have adopted that and continue with using those colors to distinguish between a boy and girl baby. Another examples is the way toys are partitioned into male areas and female areas. That shows just like the baby clothes that

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