Essay On Family And Family

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Strong marriages and families are integral parts of society that aid in sustaining a congruous atmosphere whereby the blessings and favor of God can flow freely. According to The Anscombe Society (n.d.), “The intact, healthy family offers the best environment for raising children, providing them with the love, support, and education necessary for success in adult life” (para. 2). Because of this influence, we cannot diminish the reality that both the family unit and marriages must be consistently evaluated and carefully maintained. When ruminating over my own personal experiences as a child growing up in my own elementary family, I’ve ratiocinated that the impact of either a healthy environment or a deleterious one is highly climacteric in…show more content…
Indeed, the constitution of marriage and family are the strong anchors upon which healthy families and marriage are construed or the fickle fragments that are left behind where no direction and no constructive orientation are realized.
Early in my childhood development, I witnessed a great deal of instability, not only in the sense of seeing my parents’ divorce and remarry, but in the continuous moving around with new schools, friends and surroundings. Further, I observed my own father experiment with different women, and then remarry—only to have an affair on my new stepmother. I can remember seeing my stepmother burst through the backyard game room door, and then push my father’s newfound love into the pool. Somehow seeing his behavior impacted me in such a way as to view marriage as an institution that could be disrespected, and then discarded. How else could I have been through four marriages in my forty-two years on earth? Even more, in my twenties, it just seemed like I misused relationships, without truly understanding what it meant and how to truly value another person. Overall, I needed to learn to overcome my own
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Now that I have been born again, I have the truths expressed in the Bible and the Holy Spirit to guide me. And so, as I couple those great agencies against what I have learned and have been through myself, I can use them as a guide on what behaviors to refrain from. Throughout the Bible, we find many examples of what we shouldn’t do, which is synonymous with how I view my parents growing up. For example, when we observe the formation of the early church, we find the story of Ananias and Sapphira. They both lied to the Holy Spirit, and were immediately slain by God. I believe that this event happened to serve as a warning of what not to do, and also because God wanted to protect the development of His early church. Nevertheless, as a result of this experience, the Bible tells us that “great fear came upon all the church, and upon as many as heard these things” (Acts 5:11, King James Version). Toward the dissolution of my drug addiction, God allowed me to see my father in a vision. In the vision, I was wide awake and saw with my own eyes, my father coming up from hell. He was escorted by several black demons and appeared to be a prisoner. In retrospect, seeing where the life my father lived took him, and where God was showing me that I was headed, served as an amazing example and pressing reason of
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