Essay On Faith And Faith

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Faith influences people’s lives
Do you want to learn who your God is? once my granny asked me. I knew that God existed, but I had no idea who he was. When I was a 5-years-old girl, my granny showed me the church. It was a hot summer day and we were walking near the Black Sea. We stopped in front of the huge church with golden domes. I was impressed by its greatness. We came in, and granny started to tell me stories about God’s existence on the Earth. I do remember how beautiful this church was. Everything was in gold decorations, icons and the light was breaking through the windows. That moment I felt God inside of me. Since then God is always with me. For me believing in God has positive effects on my life, such as: knowing he is always near,
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When I talk to God and ask him for help when I am lost, sometimes I feel him nearby. So, I am sure that when people need God, he is always near. Once in my life, I had a very important English exam. I transferred from one school to another. I was terribly nervous and asked my mom to stop by the church. I prayed and asked Jesus to help me to pass the exam. He smiled. I am not joking, Jesus on the icon smiled to me. I understood that he was near and there was no reason to be panic-stricken. As a result, I have passed the exam even better than I dreamed. Asking God for help is useful because he is always near if…show more content…
With the help of God, people can feel connections with their dearest one, who passed away. Bonding with people through God can give the understanding that one who died feels comfortable in the best world. My granny, who first showed me who God died three years ago. Since childhood, she has been the closest person to me. Consequently, I started to feel her near me. The last time I felt her was when I was in the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine with the visa application. I was twitchy, anxious, and could not find any peace. When I got up to talk to the counselor, I felt my granny. Her appearance made me less nervous. I summoned my strength and became absolutely confident that in a few weeks I would be a freshman at the U.S. Well, here I am, a student in the United States. My grandmother’s presence in my life if extremely important for me because I know she is in the best world right now. Furthermore, she watches over me and supports me, which makes me feel
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