Essay On Factory Farming

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There are no members in our society that are more helpless and dependent than the domestic animals. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “A society must ultimately be morally judged by how it treats its weakest members”(Rollin, 2005). Are we as a society treating our domestic animals fairly and humanely? The answer to that question lies nowhere else but America’s own factory-farms. Factory-farming is not only a topic that is usually overlooked and is filled with many excuses, but there is also a violation of the animals’ basic needs and nature in these factories, and that is why there are many animal rights groups out there to fight against this injustice.
Agriculture has changed a lot throughout the decades as farms have become larger and new technologies and new systems have been introduced. Factory-farming was introduced to North America and Europe at the end of World War II. The emerging technologies of the time made it possible to feed the masses, industrializing agriculture (Rollin, 2005). However, the core values of agriculture were lost from this this transition from traditional agriculture to factory-farming. Agriculture used to be a way of life and as a practice of husbandry, but after the transition all that mattered was efficiency and productivity. Most people today don’t know what farm animals are like, or what you need to do to care for them. “Cows grazing in a quiet green pasture is an image that is generations out of date” (Kallen, 2006).
Approximately ten billion animals are killed each year in Americas’ slaughterhouses (Singer, 2010). Most of these animals have spent their whole lives suffering, inside crates, without even going
Animal Rights 4 outside for a single hour. They are confined in iron crates that are too smal...

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...ctory-farming is that it produces food that is cheap, but for that cheap food, the animals are forced to give up their lives. Factory-farming has no tradition, no rules, no codes of honor, and definitely no mercy for farm animals (Scully, 2006). There are alternatives out there like becoming a vegan or only buying products from farms that give their animals rights and allow them to go outside. Even Temple Grandin said the truth by stating, “ Animals aren’t afraid of getting slaughtered, because they don’t know what it is, but they are afraid of the dark and scared of shadows” (Garber & Peters, 2006, p.3). Our society is overlooking one of the biggest moral issues today. There is no one in this world who can look at our factory-farms today and think, “ Yes, this is humanity at our finest-exactly as things should be” (Scully, 2006, p.4).
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