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Factory farming looks like the top solution for food distribution due to the high demands for meats, dairy, eggs, fruits, and vegetables. Factory farming is unethical and the food produced is definitely not the healthiest for our society. Factory farming is a modern agricultural practice that mass produce animals to meet the food consumption of human. Factory farms have large number of animals to be raised for food in a limited space of farms to lessen operation cost, and the mass production drives down the food prices as they could produce surplus amount of animals to meet the demand. However, except for offering human copious amount of cheaper food, factory farming is an unhealthy agricultural practice to both human and the environment. Factory farming contributed to serious pollution problems, the animal treatments are cruel and it has restricted the business opportunity of traditional farms and its workers by occupying their markets. Therefore, I strongly support that factory farming should be banned.
First of all, factory farming creates much pollution on our environment. It produces livestock in great amount would need many resources, and make a lot amount of waste at the same time. When the waste are disposed at the same time, the high concentration of waste could do damage to the environment. Many woodlands are vacant for building the factory farms, the soil is in poor condition that is no longer fertile. The nearby water source is contaminated with waste that the water turns bad with horrible smell. The land will not be suitable for living anymore.
Factory farms regulate U.S. food production, employing uncivil practices that maximize agribusiness profits at the expense of the environment, our communities, animal welfare,...

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...mistreating workers could not do any good on the business. Exploitation on workers has resulted in bad reputation of the factory farms, more people stood out to criticize them, and even oppose to the factory farming industry.

To sum up, factory farming is not an acceptable agricultural practice, for it causes serious pollution problems, having no moral conscience on animal treatments, threatened traditional farming business and exploited its workers. If the wealth of the business came from pollution to the shared environment, unnecessary inhumane treatment on animals and exploitation on its workers, it would never be a morally just company, and it does not deserve our support. When we are consuming food from factory farms, we are at the same time consuming the cruelty behind industry. In fact, we could replace factory farming by other alternatives anytime we want.
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