Essay On Face To Face Classes

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I agree that online classes are more effective than face to face classes for me because of my work schedule and other daily activities. However, I understand that some people can’t do online classes so I think it depends on the person. Online classes give students flexibility for realistic situations. There are many students who have other titles for example mothers don’t really have time to do everything so there needs to be time to do work on their schedule. Other students just have a lot on their plates to do face to face classes. Many believe face to face classes are a waste of time when you have to do most of their school work online. I would say the new generation teaching have a lot of school work online so why not just to all online classes. Online classes aren’t for everybody because you have to be disciplined on your studies and school work ethics. Face to face classes seems to be more comfortable to students because the convenience of getting answers answered and note being given by the professor directly. I love my online classes and I do believe I can be more productive on my own schedule. Some days I worked a 12 hour day so it’s not impossible to…show more content…
My mother felt like I wouldn’t be successful because I wouldn’t be on a professors schedule and there would be no help. I can understand what my mother was trying to say because some of my professor doesn’t answer right away so I can’t do a lot on my own and outside help. I just can’t attend face to face classes because of my work schedule so I had to adapt. I don’t understand why I need to sit in a face to face class because most of my work is online anyways so it’s a waste of time to drive to class and listen to the professor teach what I can read for myself. I agree that online classes are more effective than face to face classes for me but I can understand how it may not be to others. Every student learn
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