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As depicted in the above illustration, the exhaust system for the automobile usually consists of the following components:
Cylinder head and Exhaust Manifold
Exhaust Pipes and Elbows
Catalytic converter
Center Pipe
Tail Pipe

Further, the exhaust system is divided into three sections with different requirements as follows-
High temperature section: It consists of exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, diesel particulate filter.
It should have high resistance to scaling and low embrittlement tendency
Middle section: It contains pre-silencer and connection pipe
It should be resistant to high temperature and corrosion
End section: Rear silencer and tail pipe forms the end section.
It should be resistant to wet corrosion from the inside and corrosion due to brine from outside
Exhaust Manifolds
Although manifolds are mounted on the engine and often misinterpreted as an engine part, but it is indeed a key component of the exhaust system. Manifolds serve the function of collecting the exhaust/burnt out gases from the cylinders and transfer it to a single pipe. Manifolds are generally manufactured from Cast Iron on the basis of the following design criteria’s-
To use minimum amount of metal
To use occupy minimum amount of space and
To have minimum production cost
These design criteria’s make the manifold less efficient because of the time difference between the combustion and the exhaust of the gases. This even leads to back pressure.
Different countries have different nomenclatures, for example, the pipe connected to the exhaust manifold is called Engine pipe while the gas emitting pipe is called tail pipe in Australia.
Headers are circular in shape and consists of bends and folds in the tube path....

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...oxidation catalyst. Platinum is used both for reduction and oxidation.

Figure 2: Catalytic Converter [ ]
Muffler is the main component of the exhaust system. It functions to reduce the noise produced in the engine during the combustion process. Since muffler has a larger cross-section, therefore when the sound waves enter the muffler these get broken decreasing the noise level. The following figure shows the muffler

Figure 3: Muffler of Automobile [ ]
A certain type of muffler design has holes in the chambers and the other uses fiberglass or plates to reduce the noise levels, the detail design concepts have been discussed in the design and construction section of this document. To reduce the sound level without the back pressure is always a challenge hence heavy gauge materials are used to make more efficient design with better manufacturing techniques.

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