Essay On Exams Reflect Academic Success

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The extent examinations accurately reflect academic success
Examinations have been a form of assessment implemented in most academic institutions over the years. Assessments identify the level of progress of students and define their rate of academic success by testing their general or specific knowledge regarding a certain topic. Whether or not examinations are an accurate reflection of academic success is arguable. This essay will observe the effects of examinations on student performance and academic progress. Firstly, there will be an analysis of assessments, particularly examinations, and their effects on student progress. Secondly, examples of the impact of examinations on academic success will be discussed.
The aim of this essay is to show the accurate reflection of examinations on student success. Academic progress is defined as the progression of an individual’s ability to portray a successful understanding of the general knowledge through different forms of assessment. It is common for many schools and universities to assess their students and test their knowledge through examinations, this method has several benefits which can affect students’ progress throughout their academic studies, and one of the educational benefits is that it is an easy tool to assess students and test their capability. Furthermore, Exams help students to convey a progress in their knowledge because they are usually provided with feedback after writing an exam which can help them acknowledge their flaws and improve them.
Another advantage is that exams endorse competitiveness between students; therefore, they work harder to improve their knowledge and skills. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages of exams - they have a poor pr...

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...t important ones to do in order to achieve success. Time management is also important, excellent students are usually good at managing their time by setting goals and following a specific plan to achieve these goals. There are several ways to avoid the stress and the anxiety. Laughing is a well renowned tension reliever; therefore students should allow themselves time for that, also watching comical events on TV or watching a video could help decrease students’ anxiety.
Planning and starting the revision session early is the best way to achieve academic success. If students learn what they are doing competently, it would increase their confidence both in investigations and in other areas of their lives. This may remind students that they are competent individuals and that they can transfer some of that competence onto their revision and written exam experience.