Essay On Ethics And Personal Values

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I’ve chosen to discuss the implications of an individual’s, including that of my own, sense of personal values and ethics and how they are incorporated into our relationships both personally and abroad. One’s sense of ethics and values can vary greatly from person to person. It is in this, that relationship values can also differ to different degrees. What one person may think of as an important standard of life and humane guideline may not necessarily be a quality another reflects in and of their own viewpoint. It is through this that conflicts can arise, general disagreements or perhaps even that of string support. Ethics and personal values seem to be at the core of think of as an important standard of life and humane guideline may…show more content…
That someone can be an individual or, collectively, an organization, a group, etc. Values conduct human life priorities and form the world we live in (Shahriari, Mohammadi, Abbaszadeh, & Bahrami, 2013). However, ethics addresses how we ought to treat each other, how we ought to act, what we ought to do, and why (Epstein & Turner, 2015). These two fundamental human and cultural traits are certainly at the core of nursing practice and consideration. Ethics and personal values can widely vary from region to region, and succinctly moreover, from person to person. An individual’s sense of these personal attributes should never be looked over or dismissed due to a disagreement or difference in these important traits. That being said, when differences arise, take that instance to embrace your own senses while welcoming theirs. A person’s ethical and personal values can be gathered and amassed from their childhood upbringing, religion, profession, and…show more content…
Often times, we do not associate ourselves with individuals who don’t share a common personal interest which typically leads into further personal values. For instance, it is not common that you would find an avid hunter that would be married to a volunteer or activist for PETA. Both have a personal value set that is vastly different from one another which could even lead to ethical debates between the two. For professional matters, if a group had a value set based in high customer satisfaction as opposed to a group focused on high profits, ethically they may have a different approach to these concepts. With that in mind, it’s not always a recipe for disaster. Both of these concepts could be married in that high customer service and satisfaction could lead to higher
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