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Ethical stance deals with principles of morality or morals or the wrongs and rights in conduct. In other terms, ethical stance means acting in accordance with standards or rules of right practice conduct, especially in a particular profession. For example, advertising was not considered ethical for physicians. The ethical stance that I recommend to others and I use as well is the one of utilitarianism. This is the doctrine that one’s actions should be right if they are beneficial or useful to the majority. An action should be morally right if it provides happiness to a large number of people and that the happiness of the largest number of people should be the guiding principle of people’s conduct. I therefore recommend that one’s actions should be judged as either wrong or right depending on the number of people they are useful to or the number of people a particular act makes happy. If the number of people benefiting or happy is larger as compared to the number which has not…show more content…
Therefore critics argue actively that results should never be used in determination of morality (Blackorby et al 543-596). For example selfishness is wrong motive but may motivate system that leads to positive results for majority, therefore is it morally right? In addition according to Bernard William, personal responsibility and integrity should not be ignored for moral actions even if they lead to consequences which are not welcome. Utilitarianism is blamed for being unable to apply the question “what should I do?” this is because if it was presented on might go direct for that action which brings maximum good. Moral dilemmas come about because of either quantity or quality of that said to be good because it is pleasing majority is

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