Essay On Equality In Education

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Importance of Equality Within Schools Danielle V. Kolton West Chester University Add paragraph after quote Education represents the basic fundamental element necessary for a democracy to properly function. Without knowledge there is no way to survive let alone make any type of significant progress. All human pursuits require knowledge, whether it is science, engineering, or even the law. One of the great strengths of any republic is the quality of education it provides for its citizens. Many of our greatest institutions in this country come from principles held dear by both the ancient Greeks and Romans. Their cultures, which represent the earliest forms of democracy, regarded education as the foundation for the preservations of their democratic principles and ideals. These republicans faded from civilization because of their governmental and more importantly their educational institutions failed to provide the adequate moral and intellectual guidance to all their citizens. Many people today don’t understand the actual meaning of “equality” and know the short one sentence definition. However, equality is much more than just one sentence. Equality has discriminated people for nearly 100 years. Equality is a term that should be looked at more throughout high school, in order for people to grasp a better understanding. Since many people are so unsure of the history of inequality I chose to raise this argument to give a better understanding. Education has long been seen as an essential foundation of democracy. Equality in education is a topic that has or has had an effect on many individuals in the world. One of the most shocking pictures for the American public occurred on September 4th 1957. On that day the nation was ... ... middle of paper ... poor families are being cheated out of a future. He went and visited many schools and observed them and discovered many shocking things about American school systems. In Kozels book “Savage Inequalities” he discovered “that black and Hispanic schoolchildren are isolated from white schoolchildren and are shortchanged educationally.” Kozel also stated that “that real integration has declined significantly and education for minorities and poor students has moved backwards rather than forwards.” Kozels solution was to spend more tax money on poor school districts to equalize spending. Kozels discoveries on equality touched many people in their outlooks on society. The most basic element of our society is to provide both an adequate and equal education for all, by giving equal access to the entire nation will create a stronger and more equal place for all to live.
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