Essay On Electrocoagulation

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1.1 Introduction[1.5]

As the use of water is increasing day by day, there is growth in demand for new water treatment technologies as the world’s population increased and fresh water sources are polluted. Therefore its need to find out an alternative method to purify the waste water for recycled or reuse to fulfil the demand of the world.

Electrocoagulation is one of the best process for purifying water and waste water from different resources. Waste water treatment technologies used in both municipal and industrial applications have to be further developed in order to reduce the pollution of receiving water bodies. In the last decade, this technology has been increasingly used in the United States and then after many countries started to use
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1.4 Literature review

1.4.1 Introduction [1.3]
The various treatment processes which are widely used for the treating of wastewater in the industries are filtration, air stripping, ion-exchange, chemical precipitation, carbon adsorption, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, electro -dialysis and gas stripping. In beyond of this one of the advanced electrochemical technology based technique is the electrocoagulation process.
Electrocoagulation, the passing of electric current through water with the help of electrodes, which is very effective in the removal of complex pollutants from water. Electrocoagulation technique have been in existence for many years.

1.4.2 Summary [1.4]
Electrocoagulation technology is a technique which is nearly similar to chemical coagulation.
In chemical coagulation, pollutants in wastewater or polluted water to gather into a thick mass, allowing them to be easily removed. In contrast to chemical coagulation, the significant benefits of EC
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