Essay On Electric Cars

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Topic: Electric Cars
Opinion: In my opinion, should there be subsidies and incentives for manufacturing electric cars for the consumers.
Methods: What would be the subsidies and why?
Thesis Statement: Saving the health of individuals by the manufacturing of electric cars. Electric vehicles have positive outcomes for the environment as an alternative means of transportation and pollution free. The manufacturing of electric cars has put pressure to change how we make cars.
In the last 20 to 30 years we have seen the increases on transportation needs and how the fuel

prices have been growing to include an increase of carbon emissions. So what will be the next

role to help the environment? Can we change the mind of the oil producer counties? Are we in a

new age of Battery or Electrical cars? Would the big companies fight to keep the edge?

Can we adopt the use of the new Hybrid technology? We as a country are very outspoken on the

environment for the last 20-30 years, are we past due over the new technology? We are going in

the right direction to save our environment and we need to be on the leading edge of this

technology. By applying this new way of life we will reduce the dependant on petroleum

imports. So if in 1896, this 33-year-old engineer worked for Thomas Edison's then the

automobile was the technology of the future, but was it?, We all look at could happen but it

wasn't yet obvious. At that time that in todays age, we need to look at what could have happened

if the support of others was there.we would not be in the mess we are in with the pollution from

China to California.What if we did not start with steam, electricity, or gasoline. And start with

electricity we could be the leading country ...

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...doption of electric cars. The information that I have gathered shows not only that we are going in the right direction, but the unfortunate thing about this whole event is that we are moving too slow at this present time. In all the reading I have accomplished to this subject I feel that all sources are on the same page to help not only the environment, but to give their children some type of legacy that we are all proud. Advantages and disadvantages is that we will have cleaner air, but ask your self .

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