Essay On Egyptian Pyramids

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Although they have went through many years of erosion and still are going through decomposition, the Egyptian Pyramids are immortal in many ways since they were built to allow a never ending afterlife, they are immovable, and they will last nearly forever. The main purpose of the pyramids was to protect whoever was buried in its depths. “The protection afforded by the tomb, embalmment, and necropolis were but initial steps in the preparation of the individual for eternal existence” (Redford xvi introduction). As Redford states, “everything the Egyptians did before and after death was to prepare the body to have an immortal afterlife.” The rulers that were given these elaborate burials are still known to this day, adding to the immortality…show more content…
Since King Tutankhamun was such an important archeological find, he is now one of the most famous rulers from Ancient Egypt and a modern Icon from Egyptian Culture. King Tuts name is constantly appearing in the news in our entertainment industry. Another reason the Egyptian pyramids are immortal was because of their sheer size of the buildings. Any man made object that is the scale of the pyramids will be immortal due the fact that everyone will know about them and they will always be in the minds of man. The Size of the largest pyramid that was built for the pharaoh Khufu’s “original height was 481.4 feet (147 meters)” (history). The grandeur of these buildings would have been astonishing to anyone that were to discover them for the first time. Because of how amazing these buildings were, the largest one was called one of the ancient wonders of the world and is the only ancient wonder that is still standing and around today. An example of the size determining how well known the pyramids were is that “Archaeologists have currently identified a total of 118 pyramid tombs in…show more content…
The largest pyramid built by Khufu was constructed by over 100,000 men and took over 20 years to finish (history). It also required 2.3 million blocks of stone that weighed around 2.5 tons a piece (history). The method in which they were constructed is heavily debated but we do know that they built the structure layer by layer and added the tunnels and chambers by filling in the blocks around the hollow parts. Because of how they were constructed, there is barely any space inside the pyramids. The reason this is important is because, unlike modern buildings, there is no way the Pyramids would just collapse from natural causes or from an interference from mankind. It would be very difficult to attempt to wipe out the pyramids on purpose, but there are
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