Essay On Egyptian Culture

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Culture can be defined as the set of a system of shared beliefs, values, customs, behaviors, and artifacts that members of a society use to cope with their world and one another. Since all wars are fought in and amongst a population, the Army seeks to develop an ability to understand and work with a culture for its Soldiers and leaders (IAW FM-3-24). Culture is the compromise of a particular group of people which defines there language, religion, social structure, art and music people come from many type of backgrounds their heritages represent their values in which are used to make decisions thru out the person life these values were taught and develop from the family after birth and thru adolescent. In this paper I will discuss the Egyptian culture and how it outside factors have contribute to it modern day society. To this day scholars and historians still are astonished at all the great achievements of Kemet or ancient Egypt one of the most amazing developments took place about five thousands years ago near the Nile Valley and there is evidence that an even earlier Known as Ta Seti existed where we now know today as nubia Sudan. African can be credited with the creation of scientific developments, associated with Egypt, mathematics, engineering, architecture, medicine they also implement a early form government such as state and form monarchy. This shows that economic and political development was spearheaded by the Egyptians and was a leader in the scientific developments during this period and maybe the most advance in all other continents. The African continent continued on it own personal developments without interference from outsiders, However in the thirteenth century Egypt population began to decline much like the r... ... middle of paper ... in rural areas the Egyptians have lived in the same way since ancient times and although they have change there language once and their religion twice and is known as the world’s oldest nation. for the most part of Egypt history has been known as a state but in recent years they has establish itself as a true nation state. the official language of Egypt modern standard Arabic the main foreign languages that are taught in school are, English, french, German, Italian Egypt also hosts an number of refugees and give them asylum many from nabbing countries such as Iraq, Israel, Sudan, Greece just to name a few. In closing I have discussed the Egyptian culture and all the different tangible information that makes them a great nation even thou you may not agree how different nations conduct them selves it is important that you respect their culture and their beliefs
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