Essay On Effects Of Divorce On Children

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Divorce and its Harm on Children In today’s society, divorce has become prevalent and a normal thing in our lives. Married couples today are getting a divorce due to many different reasons. The question is: does divorce do any harm on children? How children are affected by divorce is a question of huge importance to children. All the factors that lead to divorce whether it would be aggression or conflicts between the parents do take a major toll on the children in different ways. Divorce may not only ruin the family bond, but also have severe long-term negative effects on children. Most researchers have determined that children that had divorced parents have difficulty forming relationships of their own, become stressed, become less religious, and have reduce educational and financial achievement. Other effects may also be included. The tragic act of divorce is proclaimed to produce negative effects and conflicting crisis for the children. The overall effect on children is announced to be negative. First, children of divorced parents most likely have difficulty forming relationship...
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