Essay On Effects Of Advertising On Men And Women

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Research Paper: The Effects of Advertisement on Men and Women “A girl should not expect special privileges because of her sex but neither should she adjust to prejudice and discrimination,” said by the heroic feminist icon, Betty Friedan. Two students did a project for the 2009-2010 National History Fair on Betty Friedan and on the women 's rights movement that was numerous rewards. Rebecca Rivera and Shawna Campbell explained how women are free to the “glass jar” and that women and get continue to between more and more equal as the years pass (YouTube). I believe that even though the nineteenth amendment gives women the right to vote, segregation amongst sexes still exist, primarily in advertisement. The gender stereotyping in advertisement…show more content…
Authors Nancy Signorielli, Douglas McLeod, and Elaine Healy wrote about the negative impacts that the commercials that appear on the channel MTV have on the younger generation. According to Signorielli, McLeod, and Healy, it gives young children mixed views on gender roles and even responsibilities (91). I believe that these effects on society are starting to become a common thing and more and more people are beginning to accept it. Men are taught from an early age how to act and how to treat women. Ads are seen continuously throughout the day and some can give these young boys altered views on manners and obligations. Women are also taught how to act and advertisements that use gender roles can give the young girls a dependent outlook. Young women believe that their happiness is obsolete unless they please a man but their appearance. Though commercials and ads in a magazine are used to promote a product and help the business, the strategies used can be harmful. Gender stereotyping in advertisements can cause young children to believe that they have to look and act in a certain manner. In turn, the ads can cause health issues and low self-esteem. Almost all people desire to be accepted and ads should focus more on the products rather than manipulating men and women into purchasing the products. Each year men and women are becoming more equal, but certain ads can cause a delay in that progression. Once advertisements use a different marketing strategy, the inequality in men and women will not
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