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Humans have many effects on the ecosystem that lower population and communities of other organisms. Although society cannot prevent all actions other people do towards the ecosystem, people can prevent a few in their day to day lives. The ecosystem is very important to human life, as it gives the atmosphere oxygen to breath. Over many years of careful examination, scientists have noticed huge changes in the ecosystem due to human actions, concluding with damaging results. Therefore human actions have many effects on the ecosystem.
First, deforestation is one main cause that affects the ecosystem. Deforestation is clearing land of trees and plants in an area. Logging companies and lumberjacks are constantly clearing forests for money, which result in wiping out communities and habitats for other organisms. When a work force or group of people start to clear out a forest, they are taking all food and resources from organisms that live in the region and wiping out the homes of many insects and other tree dwellers.
Another main cause for negative effects on the ecosystem is pollution. There are many types of pollution, simply including water pollution, air pollution, and land pollution. Pollution is caused on a day to day basis, whether it be littering or even burning coal. Littering can harm organisms by entanglement or toxic hazards. Burning wood and other sources like coal cause air pollution which results in breathing hazards and depletes the forests. Water contamination is one of the most devastating forms of pollution that affects the ecosystem, primarily because all organisms need water to survive. Agriculture is a main factor of water pollution because pesticides, fertilizers, and other toxic chemicals are washed downstre...

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... earth and ecosystem. These groups and or organizations get word to the people about what is going on in the world by telling and showing people the causes and effects of our harmful and helpful actions towards the ecosystem and try to get others to help their cause for a better earth. Another positive effect of human actions, relating to awareness, is environmental management. Environmental management’s main cause is to lessen disturbances and restore equilibrium to the ecosystem (“Positive”). Another reason for environmental management is to manage resources taken from the ecosystem and improve our input and output ratio to be more efficient. Preservation is another positive effect of human actions. Preservation entails National wildlife refuge systems, along with preserving unique habitats for rarer species to thrive, reproduce, and prosper safely (“Positive”).
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