Essay On Eco Estate

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Review of Literature Throughout South Africa there has been an increase in the growth of eco estates. And this rapid growth makes one stop to think whether these Eco-Estates are eco-friendly developments or whether they are just a another title given to an estate so that wealthy people can develop on the outskirts or on protected land without being criticised for it. Eco – estates are meant to encourage, back to nature living, and careful integration of infrastructure with the natural environment, but these criteria’s are not always fulfilled and the term ‘eco – estate’ is used very loosely. Eco-estates should not have many houses per hectare; this is to avoid overcrowding and to reserve the land. According to Rainharvest(2010) in What is an Eco-estate? an eco-estate should not have anything artificial on the landscape like golf courses or equestrian centres, they should have any form of agricultural activity, and the estates infrastructure must not be too costly as should rely on ‘nature’s own landscaping’. Aspects such as the ‘ratios of coverage allowed on plots, the overall pe...
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