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Every so often there is a pathogen so vile that the center for disease control labels it with it’s highest level of safety and control within the laboratory, one such pathogen is known as the Ebola virus. Commonly found in the continent of Africa, Ebola causes a hemorrhagic fever that is so lethal that in some outbreaks 90% of the people that are afflicted with it end up dead. The Ebola virus is apart of the Filoviridae family of viruses. This family generally has filament like viral particles that infect the host cell. In Ebola, the RNA is in a helix inside the filamentous capsid. The capsid is studded with glycoproteins that are believed to help gain access to cells. Virus particles need to be 900 nano meters and up in order to be effective pathogens. This large size and it's genetic code are what set it apart from other filoviridae viruses. Ebola is speculated to gain access to a host cell through the npc1 cholesterol pathway. Once inside, its able to quickly overtake the cell's protein synthesis mechanisms and reproduce itself. It leaves the cell by budding off of the cell memb...

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