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Children with Dyslexia
In life it is very important to have an education in order to succeed. Unfortunately, Children with Dyslexia have a harder learning. This makes learning and therefore education the child needs become challenging. Dyslexia doesn’t only affect the children but also the parents. Some parents have difficulty seeing an early sign of dyslexia in their children’s learning, and unfortunately because dyslexia requires a different learning style this lead for room for parents to make assumptions that are often errors. The fact that some parent’s think their children are not smart or don’t want to try and learn is a wrong assumption. The way the brain of a child with dyslexia proses information is different, it makes it difficult
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Dyslexic children are a type classification for children with special needs; it does not mean that the child has a sickness that makes them look different. It just means that that classification of dyslexic children need help learning. Dyslexic children are not disabled they are like every other child they just learn different (Das, J.P) .A child with dyslexia has to work much harder in order to not fall behind in their education. A lot of the time parents think that their child is being lazy or is not smart enough but that is not the case, a child might be having difficulty understanding the material whether its math, reading, writing, spelling, even talking or hearing (Knudson, Pamela). In her Article “With positive attitude, early intervention, children can overcome learning disabilities” Knudson stated that “Dyslexia is a neurological disorder that causes the brain to process and interpret information differently.” Getting the help you need any person or child with dyslexia can overcome this obstacle to become a better reader and writer. Children with this disability at a young age usually have a hard time learning motor skills. Doing a simple task that a child with disability can learn easily comes hard to them such as using utensils to eat or getting dressed, they tend to take longer to learn these things (Hall, Wendy Dawsonera 24). In the classroom the classroom when…show more content…
When you notice that your child is having problems doing homework, having a short attention span when trying to teach them or help them with their schoolwork don’t automatically assume your child is “dumb” and lazy because he doesn’t work harder. Try to help them because they might have a learning disability. In an Article written by Knudson, Dr. Lee from the National Center for Learning Disabilities stated that “Children with dyslexia exhibit slow or inaccurate work identification and/or spelling” (qtd. In Knudson, Pamela). This does not always mean that your child has poor intelligence or is lazy; it just means they have a different learning style. Taking him to a teacher or a specialist so they can do diagnostic test on the child would be the best step you can take in order to start helping your child in their education. Because the diagnostic proses is the most successful option they use the “team” approach, which is done by a team of specialist to screen and evaluate your child (Christo, Catherine and John M. Davis, Stephen E. Brock).Therefore Dyslexia does make it difficult for a child to learn, but it does not make it impossible. With the proper information and knowledge of how to help a child with dyslexia also getting an education plan for the child, you can help make it a little easier for them to learn. That would help the child get the education they need to
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