Essay On Dyslexia

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Education is an important process for children to learn different kind of knowledge or languages that would deeply influence not only their course result but their future. Some students, however, are having difficulties in learning because of their disease or so-called the Learning disability that do not be able to catch up the class as other students. In nowadays education system, we will use various method in supporting those student in learning. Since those students who have Learning disability would stay in the class with other normal students, we called this as Integrated Education. In this essay, I would like to discuss the case of dyslexia and explain how we can help these kind of students by using specific teaching models and skills.

Characteristics of dyslexia
Firstly, we should briefly introduce the factors of dyslexia. Dyslexia is a kind of disease that affect the passion’s ability in reading and writing. They would find it difficult in identifying the pattern of words and write them in a correct way . As a result, student who having dyslexia will be very difficult in catch up the course content as other student because they must spent more time in remembering the word of contents and understand the meaning of those words. It is cleared that their class performance would be worse when comparing with other students. Since we know the characteristic of dyslexia, we should identify what they need in the class.

Basic principle for supporting student
Secondly, student with dyslexia need different kind of support from teachers that bear basic principle. The main reason for those students do not be able to identify the word because they just have rote memorization in learning those words. As a result, we should expla...

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...ce teachers have many work to do in school, the supporting team can help teacher to make some notes and class material. They can also be a platform between parents and school that the team should get some feedback from the parents and report to the school that can arrange the resource in a rational way and can support the teacher effectively.

As a teacher, we should offer every student a high quality of education. Dyslexics children also have right to develop their potential through the school education. They are the children of future and they should supported by us before they find themselves as the loser of the society. This essay provide the model and method for the educated professional as a reference to improve the teaching skill and class environment. I believed that dyslexic children can also thrive on challenges and success like all children.
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