Essay On Dynamic Systems Theory

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Review: The dynamic systems view was developed by Arnold Gesell in 1934 and explores how humans develop their motor skills. From Mr. Gesell’s observations, he was able to conclude that children develop their motor skills in a specific order and time frame. He concluded that children roll, walk, sit, and stand as a result of several factors – the ability to move, the environmental support to move and the motivation/goal to move. Once the child has the motivation, ability, and support, they accept the new challenge. After several failed and successful attempts, they begin to fine-tune and master the movement with continued support and motivation. The dynamic systems theory is not a random process that children experience, the skills are calculated and develop over a period of time. Reflexes are automatic responses that children cannot control. They are innate and automatic. A few of the reflexes infants have are: -Rooting reflex: when the side of an infant’s cheek is stroked, the infant looks for an object to suck -Sucking reflex: when an object is placed in an infant’s mouth, inf...
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