Essay On Dual Relationships

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Caution and strict compliance with regulations, laws and following a proper client-therapist relationship will ensure a smooth ride for both a client and their therapist. Dual relationships and boundary breaking are perhaps the most fatal blow to that of said relationship. For a therapist to truly show compassion they must limit any instance of a dual relationship or boundary push. Erosion of one’s trust and guidance can build slowly over time if just the wrong thing is said. Through building dual relationships or breaking boundaries, this becomes all too apparent. To become a competent therapist that is filled to the brim with helpful resources, there are things one must limit.
Perhaps the most dangerous thing a therapist can do with their client is to establish some sort of dual relationship. Essentially, a dual relationship is born through multiple roles between that of a client and a therapist (Zur 2014). These various roles can be seen through the lens of business, sexual connection, friendship, communal and even on an online setting. While not all dual relationships are necessarily bad, the clear majority can crush the trust or will to change that the client has. Dual relationships can demolish years of work that both the client and psychotherapist have worked so hard to obtain.
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Many practices across the globe have strict prohibitions against having any intimate relationship with any sort of client. Mixing emotion and intense connection between that of a therapist and a client is extremely dangerous. If anything, negative were to occur during said relationship, things such as suicide or loss of will to succeed will come into fruition. Abstaining from personal relationships like these limits any negative fallouts per said realm of dual
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