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Drug use has been an interesting topic to sociologists, psychologists and criminologists alike. We are all wondering why people use drugs, what personality traits are most likely to utilize them and are the communities that surround them at all to blame? Drug usage has been linked to higher violence and murder rates however recent research has indicated that most economic crimes that involved drugs are not violent (Resignato 2000). The administration of drugs has been in practice for thousands of years and in all regions of the world. It is universal and for one reason or another, the goal is to achieve certain physical and mental states (Goode, 2005). In this paper, two theories will be discussed pertaining to drug use. Overall we will cover the positivistic sociological view on illicit drug use as a form of behavior and asking why some decide to take drugs over others. Another important view we will be covering is the constructionist’s theory as it relates to drug use and its social deviance. Drugs are categorized as being a drug by our society who defines their use as well as take...

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