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The Involvement of Positive Peers Relationship In Fighting Drug Addicts Drug addicts issue has bring a big threat to national security. When crimes occur, most of the criminals are drug addicts. Everybody is worried and afraid that they will be the next victim of any unexpected incidents. But do you know that peers play an important role in helping prevention of drug addicts? Peer support and motivation had healed the bad habits of the misused of drugs in those people. This is because peer is the closest and trustiest person they ever have beside their family. Therefore, this issue has to be solved on behalf of people’s livelihood security. The problem of drug addicts can be overcome with establishing a strong relationship with peer by providing positive peer support, co-operation with club-like project Rakan Anti Dadah (RADA) and offering peer education. According to the report of National Drug Information System Unit (NADI), Malaysian drug situation remains a critical one and the situation is getting serious. Hence, National Antidrug Agency is responsible to carry out national policies on drugs and coordinate, supervise and evaluate all activities relating to the control and prevention of the drug problem to create a drug-free nation by 2015. In order to hit the target, we must first figure out the reasons why people addicted to drugs and then study the problem to find the right ways to solve it. Based on the report of National Antidrug Agency, young adult from the age range 19-39 always have the highest numbers in drug addiction and the amount is increasing year by year especially in year 2010 which has reach the peak in the history. The reasons for them to take drugs normally are to fit themselves in the social life, curiosit... ... middle of paper ... ...t of views, which is a good point in helping peer to break away from their dissipated life. In summary, prevention programs should specify a cross section of these correlates as targets for change. All parties no matter government, non-government organizations, community even families and friends should come into collaboration to solve the problem of drug addiction in order to perform a drug-free nation. Prevention is encouraged to be diversified and should not focus on only one component. As we know that, drug addiction is a dangerous devil that can come over us and controlled our life and even bring us to death before we know it. Thus, always bear in mind that the consequences of drug addiction and stay far away from it, vanish the thought of trying drugs. Prevention is always better than cure, therefore say a big ‘NO’ to drugs and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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