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High School is something that should prepare you for college, not discourage you from going to one. Statistics show that the amount of student dropouts from high school is 39.5% and I would say that a lot of that has to do with the lack of motivation or persuasion from the teachers. About 26.7% that graduate from high school don’t even go to college; they are just going through the motions. The insane part about it is that only about 14.9% of student that actually graduate from high school do enroll in college. Now, remember some students may go because they feel that they they have to, but it doesn’t mean that they are going to do well. Then there are those students who do go to universities and make it out successfully. (IDRA - Attrition and Dropout Rates in Texas.) I personally don’t like the fact that in high school you must take a state test. In Texas it is called the TAKS test, which is to test your ability to go onto the next grade. (Texas Education Agency) What if the student has all A’s and B’s and is on the honor all, but fails to pass the state test. Don’t you think that it is a bit too much? A student very intelligent in class and shows the proof of being a great student fails the grade because of one test. Isn’t that kind of wrong many ways? Teachers need to show that college is worth attending to and that it’ll make you successful in the long run. Instead of talking about the irrelevant topics towards the end of your junior year and all of senior year, they should be focused on teaching you about the different ways that you could go about paying for school. There are numerous ways, scholarships, loans, financial aid, GI bill, and more. There are tons of scholarships that you are able to qualify for. You must have a ... ... middle of paper ... ...ce. It may cause a distraction, and have the speaker blank out, or even freeze up from what they were in the middle of. Unless it is an emergency, I would highly suggest you to hold on before going. In my opinion, schools have some downs but I guess there are a few things that could prepare students for college like the extracurricular activities and programs that up you credits for college or get you started. The thing is that there are only one to two counselors in the high schools and they are the ones that are helping you out with scholarships etc. But, you’d have to make an appointment with the counselor, I believe that there should be at least one class that’ll bring all the students together to teach how you fill paper work out, get all transcripts together for them so it’ll be easier and less stressful while trying to figure out a way in school the hard way.

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