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Dot Com Crash of 1997-2000 The dot com crash, also known as the dot com bubble, was a momentous and historic event which occurred in the time frame of 1997 to late 2000. It was an eye opener for many online companies as the idea of the internet was quite new. It was mainly caused by The dot com crash incorporated stock markets that saw their equity value soar in growth in internet and technology sectors. It caused many companies to re think the way they operated and caused many to lose money. The dot com crash is still remembered today as crucial event in history. The internet that society knows today, was once a very small concept that only a few people could grasp. It started out very small, but over time it grew to become so popular among people, that it became a household term. Computers were becoming more conventional and many more people started being able to afford them. There was a major growth of internet users across the world. Due to the demand of technology being used, the internet had created a new way to perform simple tasks and go about activities. It had initiated a ...

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