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The Doctor-Patient Relationship of China Increasingly tense doctor-patient relationship in China is not only a serious impact on the medical service market, but also has become a social disharmonious factor. It’s inevitable that the patients need to see a doctor when they are sick and the doctor needs to cure the patients to get paid. So the doctor-patient relationship is like a common interest. In the past, the Chinese economy was not developed. There was a public health care system that medical costs of workers in the city were generally paid by the units, almost no more personal spending in the process of seeing a doctor. Everyone feel equal to receive treatment. It’s honor to become a doctor and people also love to call them ‘angels’, ‘write…show more content…
In medical work in the past, it’s hard to avoid medical accidents. It’s happy to cure the patient successfully and it’s a pity when the patient didn’t be cured by the doctors, it’s all attributed to the fate of doom, the responsibility of doctors will not to be investigated. With the development of the economy, the medical treatment has become a kind of special commodity, the doctor-patient relationship has become a commodity. The doctor need to be liable for their goods, when differences between patient and doctor cannot get approval, the dispute began to appear, and the harmonious doctor-patient relationship is broken. Recently, the medical event occurs repeatedly, like revenge of families, doctor sell expensive drugs which stolen from patients who confined on bed with a serious illness. The doctor- patient relationship in China has become more tense…show more content…
There are few doctors care for the patient’s condition more than care about their own interests. There is a lake of communication between doctor and patient. Some people can’t tell the doctor their feelings exactly. And the doctor can’t fully aware of the condition of the patient, like medical history, life habits. So misdiagnosis phenomenon often happens. There are a lot of factors to have impact on a disease and some omen of diseases are difficult to distinguish. The doctor didn’t receive intensive training of doctor-patient communication. Most doctor have received types of professional class, but there is no one class to prime illustrate the problem of communication between patients and nurses. Like try to understand the feeling of sick who got a really bad

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