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Many executives and scholars believe that the managing diversity in an organization is an important organizational function. Every organization is approaching to change their work force accordingly competitive globalized market to achieve better outcomes. People are now part of a worldwide economy than ever before. The globalization of business world has influenced much interest in the areas of diversity management among management scholars and experts. An organization needs diversity to become more creative, flexible and open to expanding the globalized market. Hence maximizing and optimizing on workplace diversity has become a essential role for diversity management today. Managers are well aware about managerial skills and multicultural work environment and their impact on the business world. The assay will discuss about diversity in an organization, diversity strategies, demography, and prevailing conditions. Furthermore, the assay will guide readers to understand the theory in practice in the Microsoft organization as an example.
Diversity is a subjective phenomenon. Diversity refers as any differences among members of a group or organization on any characteristic such as race, ethnicity, gender, education, nationality, and age (Olsen and Martins, 2012). According to Londen and Rosener (as sited Mazur, 2010) define diversity as which differentiates one group of people from another according to primary and secondary dimensions. Primary dimensions are regarded as basic identities such as gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, age, and physical and mental abilities. Secondary dimensions are identified as educational background, geographic location, first language, family status, religion, work experiences, work style, in...

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...e,1999). Esty et al (1995) suggests that negative attitudes and behaviors can cause to break working relationship and damage integrity of the workplace. Managers are well aware that strategic planning is the major concept of the diverse workplace. Also business ethics play major role in this arena. Moreover, some countries introduced several federal laws to prohibit discrimination in the workplace, such as the civil right act and age discrimination act (How to overcome discrimination in the workplace, n.d.). For an instance, South Australia introduced the prohibition discrimination act in 1966. After nine years, the Commonwealth introduced the racial discrimination act in 1975. In 1984, Commision introduced the sex discrimination act, in 1992 implemented disability act and most recently introduced age discrimination act( Australian human resource commission, 2008).
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