Essay On Disrespect

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The definition of the word disrespect is; the lack of having respect, or the lack of having courtesy.
Respect is a very important thing to have in life. Without respect, there is only disrespect. Every person likes to be treated like they are human, not like they are an animal. Disrespect is the opposite of having respect,ire being rude or impolite. There is no point in being discourteous. In my opinion every person should be treated with respect, unless they act in a way where I feel they do not deserve respect, by disrespecting me personally. Disrespect goes all the way back in history, all the way to the beginning of time;. In the same way people treat each other with a large level of disrespect, they also treated JESUS
CHRIST in the same way. He was our savior, but they hung him on a cross with nails on his hands and his feet. He was tortured with no reasoning of disrespect. ,It is sad that the son of the almighty God was treated in such a terrible manor. He, in no way, did anything to deserve the treatment that he got.
Granted that he died on the cross for our sins, He is the reason that we are forgiven for all of the r/ terrible things the people of the world t-O,today. People take advantage of the fact that God will forgive us of our sins, which is another way of disrespecting our heavenly father. In the bible verse 1John 1:9 it is stated that "if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us of all unrighteousness." Though people are not confessing their sins, they are just asking for forgiveness of their sins, which doesn't work,
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...l matter is what you have done for him. People who aren't spiritual and don't understand the spirit cannot receive the truths from Gods spirit. Jesus was abused, laughed at, and mocked. He suffered pain and humiliation, at the same time he submitted his fathers will all because he knew that the reward was going to be great. If you ask for help, he will help you. If you ask to be saved, he will save you. If you ask for forgiveness, he will give it to you. I believe that the mistreatment and disrespect he took was terrible but at the same time it was great because he knew that by him taking on this mistreatment it would help us to be forgiven for everything that was to come upon us. Because of him doing what he did, we are all forgiven for the things that we do wrong, forgiven for our sins. And yet he was the most disrespected of anybody who ever has walked this earth.
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