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Digital perm

What is a digital perm? It is a “hot perm” and its process is similar to that of a traditional perm. The name Digital perm came about because they use hot rods whose temperature is regulated by a machine with a digital display. The name was copyrighted by a Japanese company, Paimore Co. It started in Korea and Japan and slowly made its way over to the U.S. quite recently. So what does a digital perm come out looking like? How much is it? How long is the process? What is the 411? Read on and learn all that you need to know about the Digital perm.
The Digital perm typically leaves the hair with a bigger curl or very close to a wave. People who desire a Digital perm are looking for the Kate Middleton style or want fun beach waves.The intent was for this perm to be a happy medium between the poodle perm and straight hair. The curl is most prominent when the hair is dry and is loose when the hair is wet. This look is created similar to the way a cold wave is created. Since this is a fairly new perm to the states there isn’t too much information on it and what information that is out there, isn’t very consistent, but the most common process that came up is that the perm solution is applied to the straight hair and is left on until the hair stretches and then the perm solution is rinsed out and the hair is rolled on rollers. The rollers cannot be rolled all the way up to the scalp because the heat that comes off of them is too intense and can burn the client. To protect the scalp they place heat protectant pads between the rollers. The temperature of the rollers are regulated by a digital machine and they can be made as hot as necessary to get the curl to form. Once the rollers have cooled down they cover them in fixing ...

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...ed hair or the perm didn’t take and they were unhappy.
Is the Digital perm a bad idea? Not unless you were hoping for a 1980’s poodle perm? The potential for damaging the hair is about as high as a traditional cold wave. It is a lot easier to grow out but on the down side it requires more maintenance and product then a traditional cold wave. With a cold wave you can get out of bed and go but a Digital wave requires time to style. As far as price, it is pretty expensive for a service that is fairly new, especially when you have no guaranty that the perm will take or that the person performing the service is properly trained. Your best bet would be to wait until this service has been out a little longer. If you just can’t wait and are very eager to try it out then really do your research and locate a salon that has pictures and testimonials to back up the service.

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