Essay On Difference Between Men And Women

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There is a gap between men and women in the United States. Men are considered superior while women are considered inferior. Men are stereotyped as the breadwinners or the bosses while women are stereotyped as the housewives or the employees. In the Twenty-First Century, “fifty-seven percent” of women obtain degrees and high paying jobs while most men are unemployed or make minimum wage (Samuelson). Despite this, men still continue to get paid more than women in high paying job sand continue to be considered superior to women in almost every field. Can thus conclude that it is better to be a male in today’s society?
Firstly, men and women are pigeonholed in universities, in regards to their majors, interests, and behavior. Women tend to go into
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Women tend to lack more confidence than men which can cost many women a potential position in the workplace or during an interview. According to “The Confidence Gap”, “Women don’t consider themselves as ready for promotions, predict they’ll do worse on tests, and generally underestimate their abilities.” Men are associated with high confidence while women are associated with being insecurity. Women feel confident only when they are perfect. Because of this, women are less likely than men to “negotiate their salaries, apply for jobs they weren 't 100 percent qualified for, consider themselves ready for promotions, and are more likely to routinely underestimate their abilities,” according to Suzannah Weiss. Women who lack confidence potentially strain their…show more content…
Women are more employed and educated than men but because women are not “male” they receive less than men. Kevin Miller reports, “At the rate of change between 1960 and 2015, women are expected to reach pay equity with men in 2059.” 2059 is quite a long time from now. Some may think that this is a considerable time frame, but any feminist would frown upon the time frame. At the slow pace of change in the pay gap, Miller predicts, “if change continues at the slower rate seen since 2001, women will not reach pay equity with men until 2152.” That is outrageous. Women will have to wait an additional one hundred and forty-six years to reach equal pay if it continues at a slow rate. It is sad to think of how long women have to wait to be treated as equal as men in the
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