Essay On Dealing With Stress

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It is no doubt that stress is a huge part of a college student’s life, with them having to work, deal with family, go to classes, and handle anything else that life throws at them. Dealing with stress can be extremely harmful to one’s body, and can take a huge toll on anyone. There isn’t any way to magically never see stress in our lives, but there is many different ways to help cope in ways of handing stress. There are many different ways to cope with stress some methods that are helpful, others being not as beneficial to you. Stress is something that I happen to face quite often especially this year with having to deal with lots of hardships, but in knowing how to cope with stress wont only help me but help out classmates go through college…show more content…
This is something I find to be true, especially when it comes to money concerns and my grades. Students when faced with stress students cope with their stressors is many different ways in order to manage their stress and anxiety (Ratanasiripong par 2). For me, coping with stress often ends with me having a breakdown or turning on music and listening to it much louder than I should. For most students stress wont affect them in their academic performance, but for others who don’t have as many coping resources may be at rick for failure and have a higher drop out rate (Ratanasiripong par 3). Stress being a part of college student’s life some university’s have developed programs and resources to help students in their academics and personal lives (Ratanasiripong par 3 ). These programs range from tutoring all the way to student success programs (Ratanasiripong 3). I have been a part of a student success program since I stared college, and it has helped me through stressful times like signing up for classes and the transfer process to continue my education. Being a part of a program that helps remove stress from my life is something I found very beneficial to me and would recommend anyone coming into college to sign up for a program that helps you through some of the most stressful times in your…show more content…
Being in college and faced with stress students learn to draw upon copping strategies to deal with stress (Dyson 1233). When I started college I didn’t have to come up with new ways to cope with stress because I new how to rid stress from myself, but I did learn that having many people to help pick you up when you get down is extremely important. Problem-focused coping is associated with lower depression levels and emotion-focused coping is associated with strain and maladaptive functioning (Dyson 1233). When you see these statistics it makes sense to me why problem-focused coping is related to lower depression rates because you get rid stress and than don’t have it sitting with you anymore. Everyone using different coping styles men are typically more likely to use a problem-focused coping strategy where as women more emotional-focused (Dyson
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