Essay On David Fisher's Dynamic Tower

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According to recent David Fisher’s Dynamic Tower, as it appears for many years all the buildings were stable, but nowadays for example, David Fisher’s Dynamic Tower is a new thinking for future architecture. The rotating tower shows three main futuristic patterns or revolutions. The first revolutionary is about it’s shape, which changes it’s look continuously, and with this each floor rotates distinctly. The second revolution that the Dynamic Tower brings is the system of construction, beside the concrete use, the tower is made of prefabricated unites ,including flooring water piping air conditioning , this units made of steel, aluminum, carbon fiber also other modern materials. The third revolution is came with joining technology with environment (The Dynamic Team, 2014). “Time is the most powerful dimension of our lives. All our life depends on time," states Fisher. "Today's life is dynamic, so the space we are living in should be dynamic as well, adjustable to our needs that change continuously, to our concept of design and to our mood," he states, in a media publication. Buck...

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