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There are hundreds of Social Media websites in the internet that can cause harm mentally to people. Some teens have no clue about how dangerous social media could be. If you use social media in excess it can be very dangerous for teens. There 's three main topics that stood out to me in my research. First, Cyber bullying, people that bully others in social media and hide behind a screen. Second, Social Isolation, having a big list of friends in social media, but in real life you have no friends. And finally, Social Media it dumbs down our society, because people don 't develop their interpersonal skills with each other.

Cyber bullying has become a deadly epidemic in our society. Society has become too attached to social networks. The Cyber
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The harmful effects are that people become isolated from the rest of the world. Furthermore, social networks have completely changed the ability for people to stay focused one specific thing. It has the ability to harm students in their day to day life, because they cannot focus on their homework and always checking their phones every five minutes to text someone and to check how many likes a picture they posted got. For example, when I was typing this essay I had the same problem of not being able to focus on my essay. I had to throw my phone as far away as I could from me. So I could focus on typing a good essay. Moreover, social media isolate you from yourself, because it is a good platform to hide your insecurities, harming people to be themselves in real life. For example, it can harm them when they are in a social setting, because they become unable to be themselves. Making every social interaction awkward and uncomfortable. People that isolate themselves on social media seek comfort or solace in social media. The only thing you get out of using social media is procrastination. For example, when I was typing this paper I was procrastinating a lot on staying focused, because I was watching Youtube videos for like an hour and working on my essay for like fifteen minutes. In conclusion, social media is a complete waste of

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