Essay On Dangerous Driving Habits

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Many incidents happen today because of dangerous driving habits. Many drivers have caused these dangerous habits which tend to constantly happen today. Accidents on the roads have increased due to the dangerous habits. People don’t realize the chance they take when performing these bad habits. People tend to put themselves and others as well in dangerous situations because of their unsatisfactory driving habits. The prevalent dangerous habit happens to be intoxicated while driving. Many people fail to realize that they take risk when they decide to drink and drive, putting innocent people lives in danger. When driving; the most important rule is to pay attention, and keep a look out on all of your surroundings. That is impossible to do if…show more content…
Within seconds of the driver getting in the car was already a bad decision. Being that the driver was under the influence they’re now being arrested and charged with DUI, suspended license, probation, and also serving jail time. Everything could have been prevented if the driver wasn’t under the influence, and if the driver would have just thought to stop and think of this dangerous situation they put themselves into it could have been prohibited. Campfield 2 Texting while driving is also a dangerous driving habit. This is another reason people get into accidents. Drivers’ taking their eyes off the road and not paying attention to read a text message is too dangerous. It only takes a few seconds to look at your phone or maybe even a quick glance down can result into you rear ending someone in the back, running of the road, and running a red light. It…show more content…
This is also a common habit that people don’t realize is very dangerous too, along with road rage that comes with speeding and drivers who are aggravated and in such a rush to get where they are going. It involves excessive horn blowing, foul language, and more. When people develop road rage
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