Essay On Cybercrime

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The World of Cyber

What is Cybercrime?

Cybercrime was and still is a popular way of committing a crime. Computers are used as a tool in cybercrime. Computers have access to the internet where all crime happen. The crimes that are usually committed are more traditional, like Internet fraud, identity theft, and credit card account thefts. These actions can hurt others.
Trends in Cybercrime?

Cyber crimes originally started due to hate. If someone was on bad terms with a business or website, anything, the person doing the crime would take over or destroy their website. Currently in todays world, cyber crime criminals want to use your computer for illegal activity, to steal your profit. Cybercriminals utilize many websites to develop “crimeware”, like viruses, trojans, and keyloggers, so other criminals can pick up on their own wicked ways. Most of the crimeware doesn’t act as a command, but as a data supplier. A data supplier can steal private information from anyones computer, which then can be used and seen by any cybercriminal. Security is at an all time low, because of these malicious attacks on the web. Governments are attacking other governments due to political reasons. Which then draws attention to cyber criminals and creates wars between countries, nations, states, and cities.

The U.S. is facing a tough time with cybercrime. Cyber security is low, which means a huge cyberattack is possible. An attack that can shut down all networks in America. Unlike mass weapons of destruction, but much like a nuke and how difficult it can be to obtain one. Things equivalent to these things are possessed by anyone from criminal groups to superpowers. Attackers can go from one side of the nation to the other side in a matter of secon...

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...ide your identity. Social networking is a hacker’s best friend. They can easily manipulate you with human characteristics on the internet like trust, greed, and ignorance. Make sure you're not using only one email for several different websites. If someones hacks into your account, he/she will have power to everything, whether it be your social media or banking account. That person can control everything. Creating a long and weird password always helps a bit as well. Get crafty with passwords, put numbers, upper case or an exclamation point.

Never access your financial beings on an unknown network, like at a cafe or just out on a free public network. The person who owns the network can see what people are doing on the network. Which means he can access and remember passwords to accounts, which is why you should never trust an unknown network in public. Creating a
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