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Startling statistic or anecdote: According to, social media can be used to communicate with friends and family, for entertainment, etc. However, the Internet can also be used against people. Whether it is done face to face or over the Internet, cyberbullying is likely to cause children and adolescents to skip school, use drugs or alcohol, regress in progress at school, gain lower self-esteem, have more health problems, etc. (

Context: Cyberbullying is a relatively new strain of bullying. With the Internet being at such easy reach and children and teenagers being so tech savvy, things such as a mean text or an unfriendly social media post is just a finger click away. “Cyberbullying is in simple terms, known as, bullying through the Internet. Whether it is through email, instant messaging, on a Web site through images sent digitally. Because cyberbullying is so new, it has caught the eyes of the press and educators recently. Cyberbullying has both similarities and differences of traditional bullying. There are also unique repercussions and ways of dealing with it. (Kowalski, Limber, and Agatston pg. 1-2).

Brief summary of problem:
“Nonphysical aggression has been in the world of female bullying, rumors, social exclusion, and other forms of quiet aggression to attack other girls.” (Woolls, Loertscher 152) This type of bullying usually is not caught by teachers’ and parents’ radar, and can continue for years without attention. (Woolls, Loertscher 152) “What makes cyberbullying so dangerous, is that anyone can practice it without having to confront the victim. You don’t have to be strong or fast, simply equipped with a cell phon...

... middle of paper ... when kids start to do badly in school and begin pulling themselves away from the world. This causes separation and then it is even tougher to get them back on track.

The problem with the world today is that the internet is very easily accessible and, therefore, much bullying over the Internet occurs. With young children on the Internet constantly, there is much more of a danger of strangers bullying or harassing children on line. Also children need ways to be able to come to adults with problems
Basically this problem is still being researched because cyberbullying is such a new topic and is growing with technology.
The solution to cyberbullying is truly to get laws against it, and to teach kids to never trust anyone online.
The topic of cyberbullying is so important because many do not understand the severity of those who are cyberbullied.
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