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Artists are people who use different ways of outward expression to illustrate who they are as people. They put themselves into their work, even without meaning to do so. There are many reasons why people take to art and there are also many ways for one to become an artist. The culture of art in societies around the world has helped bring people closer and allows people to communicate without words, but instead with their creations. Artists have produced art throughout all periods of time and that has given us a large variety of different kinds. Artists have impacted the way we live, the way we see things, and they have helped us to understand the art of expression. Context is important for artwork in that without it, the art could lose its…show more content…
An artist can create something that could represent not only just what they put into it but also that person’s lifestyle. In Bala Saho’s lecture, he talked about African wood carving and everything that goes into it to make it such a special medium. He said that wood carving “communicates aspects of culture like belief systems, customs, politics and social organization”. This is done in the way that the artists appreciate the process of making a wood carving and the spiritual elements that come in to play, like how the piece of wood has to go through a ritual and the sprits have to be appeased. In the reading titled “West African Sculpture: Sacred Space, Spirit, and Power” by John W. Nunley, he talks about how “the ways in which African art relates to the spiritual realm by connection or juxtaposition of forms” (p.1) is important for representing something other than just art. When making a person out of wood, the head is made to be bigger than scale as the head is believed to be key in a person’s destiny and success. Another form in wood carving is to include animals, like putting animal parts on mask as a connective element between the person and that animal. The artist is connecting the spiritual world and the real world through their sacred artwork and by putting themselves into their art, they can express themselves in any way they want to do

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