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Personal Criminological Theory
Criminological theory is an overview of issues from research methods. Criminological theory is important due to the wide variety of crimes and criminals. This theory reviews and analyzes the way many individuals view crime historically. The criminal justice system is complex and requires research and knowledge of victimology, causations of crime, the crime itself, and criminals that commit these crimes. Scientists base their theories on two simple forms of criteria, which are using systematic observation and objective evidence and determining rational explanations of evidence. Criminological theory is a practice of all aspects of law enforcement. Judges use theories to issue sentences, juror’s use theories when determining innocent and guilty verdicts, police departments schedule officer duties according to theories, and correctional facility personnel teach and discipline inmates according to theories that specific skills may reduce recidivism (Williams & McShane, 2010). Theories help society to live a better life and to solve many issues that we may face on a daily basis.
My personal views of criminological theory are the research of all aspects of the criminal justice system. These aspects include policing, corrections, community policing, studying human behavior, media involvement, family history, and trials and jury. Individuals commit crimes for many reasons, which we must study and research to provide theories. Individuals commit crimes for a variety of reasons and some that we may never understand. In my opinion, some of the reasons that individuals commit crimes include psychological issues, lack of education and job skills, economic issues, family dysfunction, necessity, peer pressure, and...

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Personal Criminological Theory classical, sociological, socio-psychological, and psychological (Williams & McShane, 2010). The theory in which I believe is micro theories. I believe that individuals commit criminal acts mainly because of society and the environment in which the individual resides and/or spend most of their time. In my opinion, I believe that a quantitative approach to researching crimes and the causation of crimes is one of the best methods in finding facts about specific criminals and the crimes that they commit. The quantitative research method helps to gather information that is close to accurate with measurements, is reliable, and gives a closer look at the relationship of statistics (Williams & McShane, 2010). Criminological theory is becoming more important than ever due to the rise in new crimes, which calls for more research.
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