Essay On Criminalization And Decriminalization

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The Epidemic of Criminalization of Prostitutes

Prostitution started centuries ago and it is still being done by many people today. However, it has not been accepted by society as a “real job.” Centuries ago prostitutes were branded as the devil’s children and they are still seen as outsiders in society. In fact, prostitutes are labeled today as criminals. Why are prostitutes considered as a criminal If their actions only affect mostly themselves? A person should be able do decide what they want to do with their body without any consequence attached such as incarceration. Criminalization of sex workers are dangerous because their human rights are not being protected by law enforcement, furthermore criminalizing of the buyers is also dangerous.
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Another example is in Rhode Island where it is legal to do indoor prostitution in 2003- 2009 and the rape rate reduces significantly. The difference between legalization and decriminalization is that decriminalization is to get rid of all punishment for prostitution and the advertisement of prostitution, while legalizing is wherein the states doesn’t prosecute prostitution per se but takes a heavy-handed approach to its regulation (Brown, 2). I’m strongly with decriminalization overall because having a criminal record could affect your future as in getting a job. When men who buy sex and females who sell sex become criminals in the eyes of society they will always be a criminal because it will be on their…show more content…
Proposers for criminalization argues that decriminalizing prostitution protects the pimps, but not only that it will also protect women sex workers. Decriminalization will protect sex workers from exploitation, trafficking and violence from these pimps. Laws will be passed against all these brutal acts against women sex workers which will deter men clients and pimps from doing any devious act against prostitutes. In the article “Buying Sex Should Not Be Legal” by Rachel Moran stated that, in the US prostitution is worth at least $14 billion a year. Moran said, “Most of that money doesn’t goes to these girls,” but if is was legal the law enforcement and the government would also protect workers from being underpaid and
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