Essay On Criminal Justice System

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In the criminal justice system, it is imperative to study the different laws and systems that the U.S and other countries share. Being knowledgeable about other countries justice systems will help you become aware of the many similarities and differences. Studying different countries justice systems will help the society understand the structure of the justice system and how it really functions. The Criminal Justice System consist of policing, the courts, and corrections. Trinidad, Tobago, and the United States are two different countries that share some similarities in within their policing system, court system, and even in their correction system. Policing in Trinidad, Tobago: “To Protect and Serve with P.R.I.D.E.” (“Ministry of National Security”, 2015). Policing has been in effect in Trinidad and Tobago for over two-hundred years. Trinidad’s main priority is to ensure an environment…show more content…
They are very similar when it comes to their requirements for becoming an officer. Some of their requirements include passing all polygraph, background, and drug examinations. Possible candidates in both countries should be in good physical and mental health. One big difference that they share within their requirements for becoming an officer is the age requirement. In the US a candidate can be at least eighteen years old; in Trinidad and Tobago, the age requirement is between twenty-one and thirty-five. I feel like the age limit in the US is too young because someone fresh out of high-school can automatically become an officer without having any background within the criminal justice field. One of the biggest differences in both countries is their policing system. Trinidad has eighteen branches of policing while the US has only three. Each branch of policing in Trindad specializes in certain crimes. For example, they have a homicide branch. Officers that work under that department is responsible for that one
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