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COUNTRY IMAGE VS. COUNTRY BRAND: DIFFERENCES AND SIMILARITIES Denisa Adriana COTÎRLEA Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj Napoca, Romania Abstract This article was written in order to provide an overview regarding the differences and similarities regarding two congruent, yet different concepts: country brand and country image. The geopolitical context and, implicitly, the current global context require a redefinition – or a more complex circumscription – of the “country image” and “country branding” concepts. In this paper, the author aimed to highlight the characteristics and particularities of the approached concepts in order to shape a framework of the context within these two operate; a brief analysis of the literature…show more content…
562) Country image is an overall image that is constituted by variables like peculiar products, economic and political development, historical events and relationships, traditions, level of industrialization and of technological development. Martin – Eroglu (1993, p. 193) Country image is the set of normative inferred and informational beliefs of individuals on a country. Kotler (1993, p. 141) Country image is the sum of people’s beliefs, ideas and impressions about a certain country. Szeles (1998, p. 96) Country image is an internal and external framework of the opinions and beliefs on a people, nation and country and the simultaneously objective and subjective psychological contents of eterogeneous and generalized value judgment thereof. Verlegh – Steenkamp (1999, p. 525) A mental interpretation of a country’s inhabitants, products, culture and national…show more content…
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