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As a follow up on my poetry project, I chose to select Langston Hughes, Claude McKay, and Countee Cullen. When I initially wrote on the poets, I was shocked how unaware of them I was. I discovered interesting facts about each poet. Langston Hughes Claude McKay and Countee Cullen were very inspiring during the Harlem Renaissance. I did not know who Countee Cullen was until I did my project and decided to explore his work during the 1920s. It seemed Countee Cullen and Langston Hughes were popular during this time. Langston Hughes was a leader during the Harlem Renaissance. By using poetic examples of Claude McKay, Countee Cullen, and Langston Hughes work, I will describe the feelings and representations of African American during the early 1920s.
In 1920 it was a hard time for most people. While going over these poets work it seems like the 1920 was a difficult time to live through. Authors explained this timeframe to be very dangerous for African Americans. Most people didn’t agree with most poets as they tried to show support for both whites and blacks. Some of the popular events happened in 1920 that the world still talks about until this day. Some of the popular events are the prohibition, Wall Street bombing, and the most important which is the Harlem Renaissance movement.

The Harlem renaissance movement was unique in its own way, which resulted in the African American being happy and actually had things to celebrate. The renaissance was a time where most American use this time to write poetry, music and make art. Most African Americans remember it as messages being spread throughout these works. Most of these poets became most popular during the Harlem Renaissance.

Langston Hughes was the leader of this movement. He beca...

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... would say. After exploring the feelings and representation of how African Americans were treated, during the 1920’s I see how harsh and dangerous it was to live during this time. I think about the racism that still happens today and it angers me.
In conclusion these authors did a great job of painting a picture of what times were like back in the 1920’s. I actually feel like I was there during most of these movements. The 1920’s was a powerful time frame to look back on. I don’t think I could have lived during these times due to everything that was going on. Lastly, going back into time and looking at the representation and feeling of African American during the 1920s was very informative and educating. I would say racism played a huge part in society back then. I would like to leave you with this question, is racism still alive and where do we do from here?
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