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Is Cosmetic Surgery giving adolescents false hope that it can “cure” deep insecurities or is it giving teenagers the confidence to be comfortable with their newly improved bodies? “In Miami, FL—Melissa Gonzales used the money she had gotten from her eighteenth birthday to have her breasts augmented. Melissa Gonzales is one of the many individuals who have had success with aesthetic surgery though there are still many who regret their aesthetic procedure like Kacy Long. Kacy Long had gotten implants three years ago. A few weeks following the surgery she began to endure shooting pain in her arms, followed by intense joint pain and crushing fatigue.” (Farrell) These two have had cosmetic surgery but have had different experiences. Aesthetic Procedures have been becoming an international trend, among all ages. The younger audience has been having surgery because they believe that it will allow them to fit in. In just a couple of years the number of surgeries skyrocketed. The “American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery recorded that 160,283 children, 18 and under have had cosmetic interventions in the year 2008.” (Marcus)As a result, cosmetic surgery has become a controversial issue. Some individuals believe cosmetic surgery will help boost adolescents’ confidence, especially in those who have deformities, while others claim that teenagers shouldn’t have aesthetic procedures due to the fact that it is a life impacting decision to make, and teenagers often do not think about the consequences of their actions, so they may later on regret their decision in life. Anyone who is under the age of 18 should not have cosmetic surgery due to the fact that there are so many emotional dangers, medical risks, and that a teens mind and body a... ... middle of paper ... ...Cosmetic surgery has opened the door to deeper insecurities. He dealt with them by abusing alcohol and drugs. Michael Jackson had a warped view on what beauty is. I had once read, “Sometimes people are beautiful. Not in looks. Not in what they say. Just in what they are.” (I Am the Messenger) (Zusak) Cosmetic Surgery has taken away the true sense of beauty. Adolescents believe that beauty is only skin-deep, though in reality beauty comes from within. Together, we must take a stand and decide what’s important, looks or the ability to see past a person’s appearance and to see the true definition of beauty, not a man-made perception of it. Teens should not be allowed to have cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery produces emotional risks, as well as physical complications, and that affect an adolescents growth for they are still developing both mentally and physically.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how cosmetic surgery has become an international trend, among all ages. some believe it will boost adolescents' confidence, while others say it is a life-impacting decision.
  • Explains that cosmetic surgery has been known to improve self-esteem, but in reality it enforces insecurities society has promoted to the surface.
  • Opines that cosmetic surgery can cause permanent damage to one's body, worsening their flaws and risking a life.
  • Argues that cosmetic surgery raises self-esteem, fixes deformities, and allows more adolescents to be comfortable within their body.
  • Explains that cosmetic surgery has multiple risks that an adolescent may not fully understand or appreciate. many individuals believe that aesthetic procedures will be simple, but there is no data supporting long-term psychological benefits.
  • Concludes that cosmetic surgery has become a controversial issue, as it raises self-esteem and allows adolescents to more confidently step out into the world.
  • Argues that teens should not be allowed to have cosmetic surgery because it produces emotional risks, as well as physical complications, and affects their growth.
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