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I want cosmetic dentistry, but can I afford it? Cosmetic dentistry is surprisingly affordable. When measured against a person’s success in relationships, in their job, or in social interactions, it is considered by a majority of individuals to be priceless. It could easily be argued that the smile is one of our most precious possessions. Come in for a visit and see how valuable and affordable cosmetic dentistry in San Antonio can be. What are cosmetic dental procedures? Cosmetic dental procedures are any dental procedures done with a higher than usual attention to the cosmetic appearance of the teeth. This has long been recognized and perfected at Cosmetic Dental Associates and, because of this, has caused a tremendous appreciation for what looks “real” and what is needed to achieve this. How can you tell if a dentist is actually a cosmetic dentist or a general dentist who does cosmetic dentistry? The easiest way to tell if a dentist is a “cosmetic dentist” is to see if the dentist is an artist in more areas of his or her life than just dentistry. Art is a broad subject, and it is not limited to just a single endeavor. Cosmetic dentistry is not just putting veneers on front teeth or “capping” your teeth. As mentioned, another thing to look for is a collection of many before and after pictures of the cosmetic dentist’s work. All artists today document and photograph their work. If it’s not worth photographing, they generally don’t. If it is, they do! What is the most common cosmetic dental procedure? The most common cosmetic dental procedure is veneers and porcelain restorations on the upper front eight teeth. Interestingly and unfortunately, the most common reason we replace front teeth is because the patient is unhappy with the ... ... middle of paper ... ...ed in using the noninvasive cosmetic dentistry techniques. We know you don’t like the invasive methods, so we don’t do it! Take Invisalign, for example. These invisible braces can be used to correct a wide range of problems. San Antonio has many dentists and cosmetic dentists, but Dr. John Moore is San Antonio’s first dentist using cosmetic dentistry who has been recognized by Invisalign as an Elite Provider of Invisalign. Why is that? Because in all of our fair city, Dr. Moore has extensive experience in using these invisible braces. Cosmetic dentistry is not just what gets taught in dental school. It comes from actually correcting thousands of people’s teeth and giving each one a fabulous smile. If you have any doubts about this, see our San Antonio cosmetic dentistry smile gallery. This is a great way to see what a cosmetic dentist in San Antonio can do for you.

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